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All About Rainbow Buttons 

Have you ever seen a pinback button on someone’s lapel or backpack and wondered what it was? These small, round buttons have been around for centuries, serving various purposes. From political campaigns to personal expressions, pinback buttons have a long and interesting history. Read on to learn all about these unique little pins! We have a huge variety of rainbow buttons available for you to choose from. These buttons come in a couple of different sizes, so you’ll have options on how big or small of pins you want. 

A Brief History of Pinback Buttons 

Pinback buttons have been around since the 1800s, initially used in political campaigns. Candidates would hand out pins with their names and pictures so voters could easily identify them at rallies or polling places. This style of promotion soon spread to other areas; people began creating pins with slogans or images associated with their favorite causes or simply expressing their own personal beliefs.  If you look through our catalog, you will find buttons that express support for many different identities and causes. For example, you could buy a button that has a flag on it, a button with rainbow colors, a button with a cute image, or a button with a funny phrase on it.

Materials of Rainbow Buttons

Rainbow buttons are typically made from metal, plastic, or cardboard and feature a two-piece design that allows the back to clip onto clothing or bags. The front features an image or message that can be printed directly onto the metal, plastic, or paper surface. Our rainbow buttons are made with a quality and dependable material to ensure that they will last you a long time after purchasing them. You can wear these buttons on any material of clothing and they will not break easily, so you won’t have to worry about that when you wear them. 

Uses for Pinbacks 

Today, pinbacks are used for everything from fashion statements to business promotions. They can be used as giveaways at conventions and festivals to help increase brand awareness or simply worn by friends and family members as an expression of support for a cause they believe in. People often collect them as souvenirs from trips they’ve taken across the country or even around the world! If you are interested in beginning a button collection, our website is a great place to start because we have so many unique buttons that you won’t find anywhere else.        

Pinback buttons are an excellent way to express yourself while also promoting your favorite causes! Whether you’re looking for something unique to wear every day or something special to commemorate a trip you took—pinbacks are sure to make a statement! With all the different materials available and endless possibilities when it comes to designs, there’s no limit when it comes to accessorizing with pinbacks. So don’t hesitate to start creating your very own collection today! Visit our online store and shop through our massive selection of buttons. We’re sure that you will be able to find something that you can identify and express yourself with.

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