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Rainbow Magnets

Magnets are a wonderful way to increase awareness and demonstrate loyalty to an organization. Because magnets can be placed on such a diverse range of surfaces, they are a highly effective promotional tool. Magnets are attracted to steel because the metal contains iron. Stainless steel, on the other hand, includes a wide variety of steel alloys with a wide range of metal content. The amount of chromium in some may vary, whereas the amount of iron in others may vary. Since this is the case, you'll find that some varieties of stainless steel are magnetic while other types will not cause magnets to attach to them.

If you do some experimenting, you could find that you can attach magnets to items you wouldn't have thought were magnetic before, given that stainless steel is utilized in so much common household equipment. The vast majority of people have first-hand experience with the fact that magnets do not adhere to non-metal materials. Materials that do not attract magnets are referred to as diamagnetic. 

Instead of dispersing your magnets throughout your refrigerator door, keep them all in one central location. Clustering magnets on a refrigerator is more visually appealing than spacing them apart. Similar to a jigsaw puzzle, if there are any empty spaces, you can fill them in with a smaller magnet. Some fridges have an aluminum frame and stainless steel exterior to fool buyers. A fridge's magnetic door won't work if the stainless steel it's made of contains too much nickel. Even if your refrigerator doesn't have a magnetic front, you can still put magnets on the refrigerator, you’ll just have to find something that is magnetic to put on the refrigerator.

Back in 1995, Craig Byrnes came up with the design for the Bear Brotherhood pride banner. In the homosexual male subculture, a "bear" is a huge, hairy man who exudes "rugged masculinity." As a symbol of the bear subculture within the larger LGBTQ+ community, the Bear Brotherhood pride flag was created. The colors on the flag are meant to depict the variety of bear furs found around the world, rather than the range of tones found in human hair and skin.

Our rainbow magnets come in a variety of different colors and styles that are all based around celebrating gay pride. You can purchase 3-inch circular magnets or you can purchase flexible larger magnets. A lot of the magnets that you’ll find in our online catalog are fun and silly. They come with jokes or catchphrases on them that are meant to be playful. Other magnets that we sell are flags or symbols. For example, we have many rainbow magnets, we have bear flag magnets, trans pride flag magnets, and bi pride flag magnets. Both our 3-inch circular magnets and our larger flexible magnets are best used on refrigerators or small whiteboards.

Visit our online store and find some rainbow magnets to showcase your pride through. After using a lot of magnets, you’ll probably find that your refrigerator is more aesthetically pleasing.

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