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The Best Gay Pride Rainbow Stickers 

Our rainbow stickers are a great way to express yourself non-verbally. Gilbert Baker, an out homosexual man, and former drag queen created the idea for a rainbow flag and, in 1978, he created the first rainbow flag. Baker later explained that Harvey Milk, one of the first openly gay public figures in the United States, encouraged him to design a symbol of pride for the LGBT community. The rainbow-inspired Baker created a flag with eight colors and symbolic meanings. Baker believed that a rainbow was the sky's natural flag. Baker made the decision to make that sign the flag because he thought flags were the strongest and most beautiful representation of national gay pride. 

Harvey Milk’s impact on the United States was massive. He was one of the first well-known elected politicians who was openly gay in the country. He was a pioneering activist and leader in the fight for civil and human rights. Nearly a year into his elected position, his life was tragically cut short by an assassin's bullet. Harvey Milk advocated for the government to protect the rights of all citizens and provide for their basic needs rather than only catering to the interests of the wealthy few. He advocated for LGBT people's and other minorities' inclusion in the democratic process. He felt that the more openly gay people lived their lives, the more support there would be for equal rights from their loved ones.

On June 25, 1978, the rainbow flag made its debut at the first annual San Francisco Gay Freedom Day parade. The flags had been hand-crafted by Baker and a group of dedicated volunteers. In 1994, the rainbow flag finally became universally recognized as a symbol of LGBTQ pride. The rainbow flag is now a worldwide emblem of LGBTQ pride, flown with equal fervor in times of hope and struggle.

If you visit our online catalog you can find a massive collection of stickers for a multitude of uses. We have many pages full of all kinds of different rainbow designs for whatever is your personal preference. You have the ability to buy stickers individually, in packs of 10, or in packs of 24. Some of our designs are recognizable logos and images with a rainbow background. Other options include stickers with text & messages on them. We also offer thin strip stickers.

Our rainbow stickers are most commonly used for car bumpers. With that being said, our stickers look beautiful wherever you put them. Some ideas for other sticker locations include your phone case, a helmet, a reusable water bottle, or a laptop cover. 

Purchasing a sticker is a great way to express your feelings and beliefs through something that you own. Our bumper stickers allow you to share your message and story with the world as you drive around town. These rainbow stickers are made with a strong and dependable material which ensures that they will firmly stick onto your vehicle, even through overcast weather and wear and tear. Visit the sticker section of our website to get a look at all of the rainbow stickers that we offer. 

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